Nature & Environmentalism Poetry Project

Thanks to the Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) from the Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Windsor, I have the tremendous opportunity to bring my “Nature Poetry and Environmentalism Project” to life. #YQGStandsStrong

Nature has been a constant throughout this period of uncertainty; she has brought us forming buds, greener grass & warmer sunshine. Not only has nature brought us peace and ease, but she is also taking this time to heal herself while we stay home and heal ourselves.

I thought it would be a beautiful tribute to our planet to host this poetry project to encourage everyone to think about their relationship to/with nature during the last few months or in recent days.

Poetry not only helps us to process what's happening in the world right now, but it can also serve as a reminder for what's to come and for what we're fighting for - our planet's health and well-being.

A good poem sparks change. She brings hope. She brings people together and reminds us that we are all going through this, and will come out of this, together. We need community and action more than ever.

So I'm calling Windsor Poets/Writers (and other artists, if you feel this speaks to you), to SUBMIT a creative piece to this project! *Must be from Windsor or currently reside in Windsor, Ont. What is it: An online "quarantine zine" on nature and environmentalism. Prior to online publication, we will have an Instagram Live Event on Friday, June 5th at 8 pm! Anyone who submits is welcome to read/showcase for 2-3 minutes. I will go Live at (@abeaans) and "invite" you once you're prompted to "request to go live" with me. You will get your moment to read, reflect, and benefit from a live community that is there to listen! This will be a beautiful way for us to connect with our audience.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Deadline: May 24 (midnight EST)

Submit a single poem, personal essay, or other non-fiction (real) stories about your relationship to nature or thoughts about environmentalism and the arts. The subject is broad - feel free to get weird and have fun with it. I am open to accompanying photography and visual arts; if you do submit visual arts, please include a brief text alongside it. Please only submit original content.*

Your submissions should be sent in .doc format and please use Arial, 12-point font, and submit to

Please include: a brief bio (can be a fun "about me"), please include preferred personal pronouns, a headshot if you'd like, your social media handles, and whether you'd like to read at our Instagram Live Event.

These pieces will be handled with care by myself and a special guest editor, and later

combined into an online zine and published in June.

BONUS EVENT: If you are having trouble getting started, join me on Thursday, MAY 14 at 1 pm (EST) for a Facebook Live “Poetry Prompt” event to get the creative juices flowing, and feel free to ask me any questions about the submission guidelines. This is also just to have some creative fun and to put pen to paper. So be ready to write!

BONUS BONUSES: We have three prizes to giveaway to the top artists!!! This isn’t necessarily about skill or style – it will be about something that has moved us or spoken to us about nature and environmental work. All of your work is beautiful and valid, and this is just a way for us to give back and say thank-you to those you submitted. These have been purchased from local eco-friendly businesses and not donated*. We wanted to do our part in supporting Windsor-Essex's economy. If you have any questions, please message me at @abeaans / Alley Biniarz on Facebook or via email at

Thank you & happy writing! xx

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