This lady gets wrapped up in her projects - she loves to keep busy and then retreat to the garden with a perfect cup of tea. 


The wrap top can be as modest or as revealing as you'd like - you get to call the shots! Wear it open with a tank, even. The options are endless!

Get funky and wear the "v" in the front, or show off your back.


Made in Vermont, USA


Fabric: Telio - Canadian Fabric Company

Verona Cotton Rayon 

Wrap Top

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C$200.00 Regular Price
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  • Small:
    Bust: 32-34"

    Waist: up to 36"


    Bust: 35-37”

    Waist: up to 40”


    Bust: 38-40”

    Waist:  up to 44”

  • Wash in cold water and hang to dry



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